We understand what is at stake when building or modifying your home – your sanctuary. It can be a long, deeply personal, at times complex and often rigorous undertaking. We have been on this journey with our client’s time and time again and no two stories are ever the same. But, after 45 years, we have also learnt a thing or two. Our aim is to make sure that each step of the process you take with us is clear, transparent and empowering. We guarantee we’ll match your needs and expectations every step of the way.


Pitman Builds provides an all-inclusive end-to-end construction service, crafted according to your specifications. We consistently deliver leading-industry designs that put your custom home at the forefront of modern architectural living.


Our developments emphasise practicality and versatility, allowing us to execute commercial projects that offer ongoing value. Designed and constructed to reflect your unique vision and requirements, we deliver a wide range of commercial spaces to fit your specific needs.

Renovations and Extensions

Pitman Builds provide premium full renovation services to transform your existing home into the space that matches and conforms to your specifications. From complete floor plan overhauls to minor upgrades and additions, we offer custom solutions combining innovative design concepts with best practice craftsmanship.


We have significant commercial property building experience. We are able to assist when it comes to office buildings, medical centres, hotels, malls, retail stores, retirement villages, warehouses, garages and commercial sheds and more.

Project Management

We coordinate, oversee and manage the multiple elements of the build and construction process. We understand the intricacies and nuances of a given build and have a lifetime experience guiding clients through these multiple phases. We help take the guess work out.


Whether you’ve purchased a property, you’ve outgrown the home you’re living in, your remodelling, adding on, or just giving your home some extra curb appeal, we can assist.

Repairs and Maintenance

Pitman Builds has the commercial and residential industry expertise to reliably and confidently attend to any of your maintenance, repairs and preservation works. We understand and respect the value of your assets and work with you to align the most cost effective and specialist outcomes.

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